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    Patch Notes: April 22nd, 2019 (try number 2!)


    So we are trying this..again! XD You will need the new fafurion client which is located in the downloads area or by going to the link...

    Some new things have also been added since the patch notes were released so I will be posting those as well -


    • Anton has been changed to properly describe what he does now.
    • XP rewards for high level monsters has been corrected.
    • Clan level can now reach 15 properly.
    • You cannot exploit raid bosses using disabling skills.
    • Fury of Eviscerator has been fixed.
    • Dimensional blessing has been added.
    • XP rewards in certain other areas have been adjusted and fixed based on Fafurion.
    • Adventure Guildsmen spawns have been added where missing.
    • Life stone pack has been added.
    • R110 grade gear has been added.
    • The ability to de-level your character has been added to the Community Board.
    • The ability to send mail has been added to the Community Board.
    • Level 99 or below get free teleports from the Gatekeepers.
    • Mystic Tavern npc's got some serious love.
    • Numerous (and I do mean numerous) behind the scene skill updates were done. The majority were renumbering due to fafurion and also brings a few in line to new base powers.
    • Training Camp has been added for Premium account holders.
    • Balthus Knights can now be created as a Premium account holder.
    • Adena rates are now at 100x rate for the foreseeable future. This will change at some point.
    • Certain areas had ground issues to where npc's would walk on air, through the hills etc. This has been fixed in most instances.


    Have fun and welcome to Fafurion folks! :) 

    Edited by Paul

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