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    Recent stability issues and our action plan


    We have recently been having a lot of stability issues. The cause of this was our host node for the VPS the Lineage 2 systems were on continuously were rebooted. I called them out on it, saying this is unacceptable, they told me it had been handled but obviously it wasn't. The unfortunate part of this was it was during last week where I was fighting a massive tooth infection and was out of town for training due to promotion at work. My time to fix things was extremely limited, and for that I apologize profusely.


    Today, I took actions to remedy these situations as I took this weekend off to spend time getting Aethro back to operational and also spend time with my family as I was working 55+ hours last week.

    1. The VPS services we use no longer run our game and login servers. They still hold our website, and our patching services. The website is still on another service which has shown fantastic uptime, the patching service while critical, doesn't need a lot of interaction if it goes down. Just a quick reboot and it's back going. Those two systems remain the same and at their respective locations.
    2. A full dedicated server was purchased in London just for the High Five server. This includes the login and game server at this time.
    3. Monitoring services have been added to the dedicated server.
    4. More than just myself gets notifications of downtime.
    5. More than just myself have the ability to reboot the game server.
    6. Redundancy has been put in place including daily and weekly backups.

    This is the current plan that I have done today alone to make sure that we can provide a better service. The minecraft server is on hold until I feel that stability of the H5 server is at it's best, and then I will work on minecraft.


    I want to thank @Meatlof and everyone else that continuously let me know of issues and was understanding during this week of why I couldn't just stop and fix it, or contact the hosting service. It was a very rough transition to this new position and with my tooth deciding to make it harder than anything to focus the services here were a distant thought on my mind. And I do want to apologize again. When I brought back Aethro with the L2 servers in mind it was not just to "hope for the best" it was to create a community that EVERYONE can be proud of. And downtime? Does not make anyone proud.


    If you have any questions please feel free to jump in our discord and chat. I should be more active now without having to stop and do tests and certifications all week long.

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