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    Update Notes May 15th, 2019 (All servers)


    Howdy folks! During the next maintenance window the following changes are happening:


    • Elemental Burst should not remove Empowering Echo.
    • Various S grade item adjustments.
    • Summon item consumes based on level.
    • Apply visual set skills only when a fixed stone was used.
    • Some summon types have been corrected.
    • Various items and skills have been changed to match retail FaFurion.
    • Addition of Atelia Refinery spawns.
    • Exclude dual certifications from check.
    • Reworked attribute system, stone type and chances.
    • Addition of a new Attribute event! (More details listed below)
    • Clan Mastery Tree has been updated.
    • Time limited clan mastery skills have been added.
    • Raidboss skills got some love.
    • Augmentation options for R110 equipment.
    • Mysterious wind scroll (40056).
    • Added Elcyum to Merchant of Mammon.
    • Changed required items for dual weapons exchange.
    • Transcendent/Ultimate armor have been added to Merchant of Mammon.
    • Dark Eternal Enhancement Stone count requirement has been put to retail.
    • Proper Ultimate Jewelry Box skill (27720).
    • Mentoring system set to FaFurion retail.
    • Added Super Advanced Augment skill effects.
    • Added upgrade Krishna/Leviathan at Mammon.
    • A small change was done for hero skills to make them retail like.
    • Exchange Krishna/Leviathan equipment added to Village Masters.
    • Ferris circlet additions.
    • Addition of Triad state.
    • Yin Yang element shop additions.
    • Dual class level Trandon additions.
    • Numerous server level changes for stability.


    Today begins a new event called the Time to Attribute (yeah I'm horrible at naming things)


    During this event, all attributes using stones, crystals and the likes are 100%! Meaning you will always get an attribute added! This event will begin as of this maintenance time, and go for 1 week (next Wednesday patch and maintenance.) 


    Thanks everyone for supporting our little servers! :)

    Edited by Paul

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