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    Dev Tracker updates


    The dev trackers have been taking a back seat, along with almost everything lately, due to work, family and what not. Today, I'm pleased to announce that our dev tracker network has grown!


    League of Legends Dev Tracker

    The LoL Dev Tracker was once a major DT that I ran, however after constant reports of abuse on twitter, I gave up on operating it for awhile as I was tired of having to recode 4 major feeds every time Twitter said it was too much. As some know, we run the RU, NA, EUW and BR dev trackers through one account. The purpose of this was because, simply put, I already have enough Dev Tracker accounts that my tweet deck is getting a bit interesting when having to post things. I do have plans to expand into other LoL regions, and possibly expand out to create new dev tracker accounts, but for now I think having it all managed under one is the best way to go about it. You can follow it on twitter at @LoL_DevTracker.


    DC Universe Online Dev Tracker

    Due to the shut down of Wildstar, I had room to create and expand to a new dev tracker and as such decided DCUO sounded like a great opportunity! You can follow it on Twitter at @DCUO_DevTracker. I have not created it's own facebook page as the tracker is still growing. It will have one in the next week or two however, as it is a planned expansion.


    I want to thank everyone that follows our Dev Trackers, tweets to them, even retweets them! It makes me see that they are something you enjoy, and I will continue to work on for the foreseeable future. :) 


    There will be weekly updates to Aethro now, as the holidays are over and I am back to my normal routines so get ready for some updates, some job openings as well and more!


    Until next week!

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