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  • Paul
    As a heads up, we will be doing login server maintenance later on this week. I'm not exactly sure exactly WHEN (it's dependant on my work schedule) but it's looking like Wednesday will be the best day to do it.
    Most people shouldn't notice a change, however we are moving it to a new server and as such it may take anywhere from 10 minutes to 24 hours for your DNS resolvers to update with the new details. More information will be released when this update is done.

    Howdy folks! On Sunday, June 9th 2019 at 8am UTC-7 our daily server maintenance will include the following updates for both 15x and 500x. 
    Necropolis spawn rework Addition of Pa’agrio’s Blessing – Might (47665). Eva’s Rune item adjustments. Starter Kit extractable items. XP Rune 1hr Pack extractable item. T-Shirt Box extractable item. Tempest Stone & Talisman – Wind Box. Eva’s Rune (28408) update. Server updates for stability. Seraph Armor Crafting Pack (39330) extractable item added. Increased amount of hotkey bars to 20.  
    There will also be work done in the L2 Store with items being added but worded incorrectly. These will be fixed in a future client patch. 

    During our daily reboot on May 29th 2019 at 8am UTC -7, the following change will occur:
    PC Cafe points will gain a lot faster based off XP.  
    Our Premium purchase pricing in the community board is based off rates and current adena in server. We will continue to discuss the amount it costs per day in our discord server based on player input and staff input.

    This is going to be a fun list and updating schedule! The 15x server will be updated today, May 25th 2019 (time not set as of this moment due to other things going on), while the 500x server will see it's updates on May 26th 8am UTC-7 during it's daily reboot. I am still working on subquests for the 15x since they went to hell somewhere in the past update.
    Changed some dark items that was requesting bloody stones Changed daily reset time for attendance rewards. You will also get these after a minute of being logged in not 30 minutes. Infinity Strike has been changed from being a magic thing.  Removed Garden of Eva unsuitable doors Addition of Garden of Eva spawns. Addition of Garden of Eva teleporter. Removed SkillCritical effect from Song of Assault (19231). Addition of Catacomb of Dark Omens spawns. Removed invalid Ultimate/Transcendent armor set. A few behind the scene fixes.  
    15x Specific:
    Test Server Helpers are now spawned in Talking Island due to the glitches the quests have been having. You can quickly do a subclass or class transfer via these little cute NPC's.