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  • Paul
    On May 20th, 2019 at 8am UTC-7 the servers will be brought down for maintenance. The following is the current patch notes:
    Addition of castle side effect script. Fixed probable class cast exception when clanhall is not siegeable. Imperial Tomb spawns. Transcendent and Ultimate proper passive skills. Limited Leviathan proper passive skills Numerous behind the scene fixes SubQuest should now be free. Talk to Mr. Cat in Talking Island Village to get it going! Daily attendance rewards have been re-enabled since they got turned off during the last update somehow.

    Howdy folks! During the next maintenance window the following changes are happening:
    Elemental Burst should not remove Empowering Echo. Various S grade item adjustments. Summon item consumes based on level. Apply visual set skills only when a fixed stone was used. Some summon types have been corrected. Various items and skills have been changed to match retail FaFurion. Addition of Atelia Refinery spawns. Exclude dual certifications from check. Reworked attribute system, stone type and chances. Addition of a new Attribute event! (More details listed below) Clan Mastery Tree has been updated. Time limited clan mastery skills have been added. Raidboss skills got some love. Augmentation options for R110 equipment. Mysterious wind scroll (40056). Added Elcyum to Merchant of Mammon. Changed required items for dual weapons exchange. Transcendent/Ultimate armor have been added to Merchant of Mammon. Dark Eternal Enhancement Stone count requirement has been put to retail. Proper Ultimate Jewelry Box skill (27720). Mentoring system set to FaFurion retail. Added Super Advanced Augment skill effects. Added upgrade Krishna/Leviathan at Mammon. A small change was done for hero skills to make them retail like. Exchange Krishna/Leviathan equipment added to Village Masters. Ferris circlet additions. Addition of Triad state. Yin Yang element shop additions. Dual class level Trandon additions. Numerous server level changes for stability.  
    Today begins a new event called the Time to Attribute (yeah I'm horrible at naming things)
    During this event, all attributes using stones, crystals and the likes are 100%! Meaning you will always get an attribute added! This event will begin as of this maintenance time, and go for 1 week (next Wednesday patch and maintenance.) 
    Thanks everyone for supporting our little servers!

    At our server reboot at 8am UTC -7 the following  changes will be made:
    Falling damage has now been removed. Trade chat is now global.  
    Nothing super big which is why I'm waiting for the reboot tomorrow morning. Thanks for enjoying our 500x server and remember any bugs post them in our Bugs Tracker. Got a suggestion? Fire it off in our suggestions forum!
    You can also join us on discord at

    During the scheduled reboot at 8am PDT (UTC-7) The following changes have occured:
    Drop and Reward rates are still being tweaked to not overload your inventory SubClass now just requires you to talk to the NPC, you do not have to do the quest. Weight limit has been increased by 500x Killing players will now give gold bars. These bars will be used in the shop to purchase R110 items. You can dual class without completing the quest. You can learn transformations without the quest.  
    Enjoy our little beta test of the 500x server!