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  • Paul
    We are pleased to welcome Unstoppable to the Aethro team!
    Unstoppable will be one of the L2 Game Masters and be assisting in our players in making sure they have fun and helping them solve their issues. He comes with experience in both running and being a GM on private servers, so his experience is a great asset to be adding to our team.
    With unstoppable joining our L2 GM team, we are no longer taking applications for that position. Thank you to everyone that applied, and if we open up the position again in the future I will relook at applicants at that time.

    I am pleased to welcome our first Game Master for our Lineage 2 server, Retpircs! 
    Retpircs has a very lengthy resume of working with communities to make them better, make the players happy and enforcing policies set by the administration team. I am looking forward to working with him, and I'm sure that he will be an excellent addition to the team.

    From now till April 30th, gain double the XP, SP and Adena when battling the enemies across the land of Aden! Invite your friends for even a bigger boost while in a party! Enjoy the global gatekeeper teleporting you to all the areas needed, buffs accessible without a buffer following you and more! 
    Visit our page to find out how to get started in our world!

    Our new Lineage 2 server is online and ready for players! Join a new server based on Salvation client (152) where we will attempt to bring balanced fun and enjoyment without pay to play being a thing.
    First off, everything you can get by donations you can get in game by hard work. That includes premium level access. I will be building those in the next few days for pricing but for now it's all in game in the Community Board and accessible before we put it in our web store.
    XP, SP, VIT = 30x while we have our month long opening event! Normal rates are 15x Premium rates are 60x during the month long opening event. Community Board is enabled for teleports and buffs, however they are only open for the month then be disappearing! Champion Monsters can be found anywhere with increased XP and loot! Vote Rewards! Premium accounts get attendance rewards per day. No Delevling on loss of XP. And more! We are also hiring multiple positions, including Community Manager, Game Masters, Developers and the likes. For more details, visit
    Ready to download and go? Head on over to 
    Download it and jump on in.
    Look forward to seeing you in game!

    Howdy folks!
    After the change over to a single, dev tracker for the rest of our trackers, it got locked out and twitter is not responding to requests to unlock the account. As I don't exactly have the time to continuously unlock accounts and adding phone numbers that I don't have, I have decided to shut down the majority of the dev trackers on twitter and move them to FaceBook and our Discord server.
    Why facebook? Because I can have 90+ pages and NOT get banned! And Aethro's discord server because I'm not going to ban my own trackers. So as of now, a few of the trackers are already on Facebook and operational, like League of Legends, SWTOR, ESO and the rest will be moving over either later today or this week. Two Dev Trackers will be staying on twitter for the time being, ESO and SWTOR. All trackers are enabled on the discord server.
    I am also creating new landing pages for our dev trackers. Hopefully, people will enjoy these new pages but they are far from complete. They will contain our dev tracker facebook page, official pages, news and more! These will take a bit more time to get activated but, hopefully, people will appreciate them as well as the dev trackers that are already going.
    I want to thank those that have liked our trackers and continue to use them, and contact them on a regular basis. It means a lot to me to see so many people interested in what's going on in their favorite mmo's and we hope to continue to service them into the future.