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    spoil and a bit more



    Non of the spoil skills is working (it was before the fafurion update)

    • Spoil/spoil festival
    • Sweeper/sweeper festival
    • Wild plunder
    • Reverse plunder

    Iss skills, not doing any dmg at all

    • phantom slasher
    • dancing phantom blade

    Community store:

    • Codex, can only be used before awakening.
    • Belts, upto R grade. No R95 or R99.
    • Shirts, how to get coin of luck?
    • Talisman, how to get mouse coins?
    • Cloaks, only sells old ones.
    • sell options doesnt work 90% of the time.
    • no bracelets
    • no brooches
    • (maybe add blessed enchant scrolls)

    l2 store: 

    • bunch of items isnt working.


    • there currently is no way to get bloody/dark enchantment stones for Dark/bloody, ultimate/transcendent armor
    • non of the quests for brooches is working
    • no way to get jewels for brooches
    • every daily/weekly quest is missing


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    A LOT of this will take some time lol. The L2 store is getting worked on this weekend, as that's for the most part simple fixes.


    I can't really reply to everything going on because well there is a lot XD 

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