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    Bonus for moving your clan over to Aethro Destinies

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    Want to move to our server but don't want to deal with restarting from scratch as a clan? We get that so that is why we are offering Clan transfers!


    What is a clan transfer?

    Well it's exactly as it sounds. If you move a clan over (10 or more people) you will retain your clan level, be boosted to at least level 85 and the clan members all get premium for 1 month added to their account!


    What's the catch?

    • We will want to see at least the majority of those people online at one time, and not from the same IP range.
    • The server you're moving from must be established for longer than 5 months.
    • In most cases, you must choose either 15x or 500x servers.
    • We reserve the right to deny the clan transfer for any reason.


    How do I go about this?

    Jump on our discord and in the game discussion, talk to a GM or admin to get the process started and welcome to your new home.

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