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    H5 server features

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    This isn't a full list but it's close as I could do with my memory.

    • XP/SP are 500x, Adena 5000x
    • Deleveling is turned off for when you get killed.
    • Weight limit is at 500x
    • Learn all skills automatically
    • Divine Inspiration is also learned automatically
    • Class Masters are around the towns to help facilitate class transfers for free!
    • Life crystals are not necessary for clan skills
    • Adena is auto looted
    • Auto potions are enabled. Use .apon or .apoff to get that going!
    • You can type .hellbound to see the current Hellbound status
    • Need to change your password? type .password in game
    • Premium rates are 3 TIMES what they are normally!
    • When you kill a player you are announced to the entire server.
    • You also get adena for every player killed in PvP.
    • Depending on your PvP count you gain titles!
    • Marriage is a thing in our server!
    • Trade chat is our global chat
    • Rent a wyvern and kill from above!
    • You can enter the hellbound island without doing the quest.

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