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    Yes it online you need to download a h5 client and then use the launcher !
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    can add more staff at gm shop for make gear like pve/pvp stones/ shadow weapons and other staff since is high rate server an event should be great cheers!
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    At our next scheduled reboot which is April 28th, 2019 at 8:00 AM EDT (UTC -4) a few things are changing. Spoil drop rates are now properly at 30x All drop chances have increased across the board. You will get more items for your kill! Donations got some love too. Your buck goes further when buying gold dragons, or enchanting your gear! The internal L2 store will be getting attention this week. A new coin system is to be used and the ways to get said coins will be announced soon. That is all we got for this small update. Nothing damming, but some exciting other things are on the way!