New site being built and a new contest AND … update May 2022

Hello everyone and welcome to the May 2022 update for Aethro. A few things to get out of the way,

First off, obviously, we are designing a new website that will be more intuitive and less spam-filled. So there will be some messes for awhile so I apologize for that in advance. The biggest thing I am working on getting up first and foremost is the property listings. After that, I will continue working on other parts of the site as quickly as time allows.

Next up – We are doing a 50% off for the first week for all new Dragon Vale residents! Just purchase the land, send an IM to Aethro Resident and they will get you hooked up! 🙂

And also… we got a new photo contest going on thats worth 20,000 lindens! Head on over to the contest area (link below) and get going! Winners will be selected on May 31st.

Second Life Maps | Dragon Vale


Hope you all enjoy the month of May as I will since it’s my birthday month! 😀

~ Zack

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