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    1. Paul Added by Paul Paul
      While I am busy with becoming a new dad, I've taken some time to also work on another passion of mine which is creating an MORPG. I have designed games, both online and not, before but this time I'm starting pretty much from scratch on Destinies. 
      Will this game be out soon? Possibly for alpha testing to make sure as I go along I'm not screwing up quests and making sure my wording is accurate (which when tired, it can easily be wrong lol). At the very least the main town of Kalismor must be completed in my mind, along with at least a few dungeons, before the game is ready to go.
      Since my time becoming a dad has become more predictable there will be more updates on this and Shards of Time. I know it's been awhile since anything was posted but that's because, having a kid? Kinda changes your priorities like it or not lol. More information about this new MORPG (Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) will be released soon.
      Enjoy the month folks!
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    2. Paul Added by Paul Paul
      While I haven’t posted a lot lately, and am behind in a few posts, Aethro Destinies is actually pretty close to being released.
      Currently, I am writing this on my iPad so I don’t have any screenshots to share other than what was posted on facebook, this game will be available on all operating systems including chrome. The full release notes and pages will be done this week, along with screenshots and opportunities to join the Aethro staff.
      So until later this week, have fun and enjoy!
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    3. Paul Added by Paul Paul
      It's been awhile, and I last said that Destinies was close to launch. In reality, it's been running in the background on the server since then but I never had time to sit down and make a post about it.
      So I'm making a post about it! You can now connect to the game, and give it a try with the manaplus client (which will be linked below), or wait until I create a full installer for the game. Which should be Friday as it's pretty much done, just requires a few changes to graphics.
      How to use the downloadable manaplus client
      Here is the step by (hopefully) simple step process to do this -
      Download the application from - http://download.evolonline.org/manaplus/download/manaplus-win32.exe Run the installer. You don't need anything special besides the base game. Run the ManaPlus client. It will flicker a little bit as it's figuring out your graphical settings. Click the ADD button at the bottom  Name is Aethro Destinies (or whatever you want it's your local side), Address is: server1.aethro.net Server Type: Evol2  Hit connect, and register a new account! Once done you will be all set and ready to give it a try.  
      As mentioned above, a set client will be coming this week to streamline this process, along with full documentation in a page on here soon.

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