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  • Guild Wars 2 dev tracker in testing

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    This past week I spent time on some other projects that will be discussed in another article at a later date, but I also had time to work on two new Dev Trackers!


    One didn't pan out because it's a bit more complex with the back end code, so that's a bummer. But the Guild Wars 2 dev tracker is in full testing to see how it works out! 😃 It is located at https://twitter.com/gw2_devtracker and on our discord server! Again it is in testing, so some things may break and it might spam to high hell. I won't know till I let it go a full week so good times for all! Except for my tweetdeck account... so many twitter accounts listed to tweet as, I might have to get another full sized tv to actually keep an eye on it all! 


    I haven't gone out and done any advertising for staff yet, as I am doing some cleaning up in the back end before I actually have other people outside my immediate family looking at, but the applications are up and available for people to fill out at https://www.aethro.net/staffapplications/


    This week will be fun and exciting with more stuff coming so stay tuned folks! :) 

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