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  • So you want to join us in being a host at Club Dragon? Here is what we are looking for:


    • Must be outgoing, ready to spark up a conversation with anyone.
    • Been in world for longer than 30 days.
    • Having Discord is a must.
    • An idea on how to advertise events (facebook, twitter, in world) is helpful.
    • Can keep the conversation going WITHOUT falling back on automated gestures.
    • Experience is a PLUS.
    • Having a fan base is a PLUS.


    All your tips are your own with the possibility of a bonus' per month.


    Got questions? Talk to our Club Manager or staff in our discord chat https://bit.ly/aethro-chat 


    If you're ready to apply visit the link below. You MUST be registered on this site to apply. There is no other way to apply for this position. 

    Club Host application area