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  • Dragon DJ

  • Want to be a DJ for Club Dragon? Here are some things we need to see:
    • Must be able to do a show once a week
      • We understand life happens, however we need people that are going to be dedicated to their fans
    • At least 250-300 songs. Mixed genre's is fine.
      • This gives some variety in life and allows for ease of handling the next point
    • Requests are a must.
    • You do not need your own stream!
    • Tips are 100% yours to keep
    • Monthly bonuses are possible
    • Must be able to DJ and chat at the same time
    • Voice is important and unless there is an absolute reason why you can't, you need to be using your voice on your stream on a regular basis during your show

    Think it's something you can handle? Visit our hiring area and put in an application. REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED TO APPLY.
    If you have questions, please feel free to connect with us on Discord!
    Taxi service for our chat

    We look forward to hearing from you!