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  5. As a heads up, we will be doing login server maintenance later on this week. I'm not exactly sure exactly WHEN (it's dependant on my work schedule) but it's looking like Wednesday will be the best day to do it. Most people shouldn't notice a change, however we are moving it to a new server and as such it may take anywhere from 10 minutes to 24 hours for your DNS resolvers to update with the new details. More information will be released when this update is done.
  6. Howdy folks! On Sunday, June 9th 2019 at 8am UTC-7 our daily server maintenance will include the following updates for both 15x and 500x. Necropolis spawn rework Addition of Pa’agrio’s Blessing – Might (47665). Eva’s Rune item adjustments. Starter Kit extractable items. XP Rune 1hr Pack extractable item. T-Shirt Box extractable item. Tempest Stone & Talisman – Wind Box. Eva’s Rune (28408) update. Server updates for stability. Seraph Armor Crafting Pack (39330) extractable item added. Increased amount of hotkey bars to 20. There will also be work done in the L2 Store with items being added but worded incorrectly. These will be fixed in a future client patch.
  7. During the daily maintenance window at 8am UTC-7, the following updates will be done: Community Board now sells buffs at 5000 a set! Community Board teleports are now enabled for free for a limited time! Cheers everyone! Our next server file update will be on Sunday.
  8. During our daily reboot on May 29th 2019 at 8am UTC -7, the following change will occur: PC Cafe points will gain a lot faster based off XP. Our Premium purchase pricing in the community board is based off rates and current adena in server. We will continue to discuss the amount it costs per day in our discord server based on player input and staff input.
  9. This is going to be a fun list and updating schedule! The 15x server will be updated today, May 25th 2019 (time not set as of this moment due to other things going on), while the 500x server will see it's updates on May 26th 8am UTC-7 during it's daily reboot. I am still working on subquests for the 15x since they went to hell somewhere in the past update. Changed some dark items that was requesting bloody stones Changed daily reset time for attendance rewards. You will also get these after a minute of being logged in not 30 minutes. Infinity Strike has been changed from being a magic thing. Removed Garden of Eva unsuitable doors Addition of Garden of Eva spawns. Addition of Garden of Eva teleporter. Removed SkillCritical effect from Song of Assault (19231). Addition of Catacomb of Dark Omens spawns. Removed invalid Ultimate/Transcendent armor set. A few behind the scene fixes. 15x Specific: Test Server Helpers are now spawned in Talking Island due to the glitches the quests have been having. You can quickly do a subclass or class transfer via these little cute NPC's.
  10. On May 20th, 2019 at 8am UTC-7 the servers will be brought down for maintenance. The following is the current patch notes: Addition of castle side effect script. Fixed probable class cast exception when clanhall is not siegeable. Imperial Tomb spawns. Transcendent and Ultimate proper passive skills. Limited Leviathan proper passive skills Numerous behind the scene fixes SubQuest should now be free. Talk to Mr. Cat in Talking Island Village to get it going! Daily attendance rewards have been re-enabled since they got turned off during the last update somehow.
  11. Howdy folks! During the next maintenance window the following changes are happening: Elemental Burst should not remove Empowering Echo. Various S grade item adjustments. Summon item consumes based on level. Apply visual set skills only when a fixed stone was used. Some summon types have been corrected. Various items and skills have been changed to match retail FaFurion. Addition of Atelia Refinery spawns. Exclude dual certifications from check. Reworked attribute system, stone type and chances. Addition of a new Attribute event! (More details listed below) Clan Mastery Tree has been updated. Time limited clan mastery skills have been added. Raidboss skills got some love. Augmentation options for R110 equipment. Mysterious wind scroll (40056). Added Elcyum to Merchant of Mammon. Changed required items for dual weapons exchange. Transcendent/Ultimate armor have been added to Merchant of Mammon. Dark Eternal Enhancement Stone count requirement has been put to retail. Proper Ultimate Jewelry Box skill (27720). Mentoring system set to FaFurion retail. Added Super Advanced Augment skill effects. Added upgrade Krishna/Leviathan at Mammon. A small change was done for hero skills to make them retail like. Exchange Krishna/Leviathan equipment added to Village Masters. Ferris circlet additions. Addition of Triad state. Yin Yang element shop additions. Dual class level Trandon additions. Numerous server level changes for stability. Today begins a new event called the Time to Attribute (yeah I'm horrible at naming things) During this event, all attributes using stones, crystals and the likes are 100%! Meaning you will always get an attribute added! This event will begin as of this maintenance time, and go for 1 week (next Wednesday patch and maintenance.) Thanks everyone for supporting our little servers!
  12. At our server reboot at 8am UTC -7 the following changes will be made: Falling damage has now been removed. Trade chat is now global. Nothing super big which is why I'm waiting for the reboot tomorrow morning. Thanks for enjoying our 500x server and remember any bugs post them in our Bugs Tracker. Got a suggestion? Fire it off in our suggestions forum! You can also join us on discord at
  13. During the scheduled reboot at 8am PDT (UTC-7) The following changes have occured: Drop and Reward rates are still being tweaked to not overload your inventory SubClass now just requires you to talk to the NPC, you do not have to do the quest. Weight limit has been increased by 500x Killing players will now give gold bars. These bars will be used in the shop to purchase R110 items. You can dual class without completing the quest. You can learn transformations without the quest. Enjoy our little beta test of the 500x server!
  14. Paul

    Destinies L2 updater

    Version 1.0.0


    This file will keep you up to date on all the changes we've done to the L2 client. Warning: First download will take a bit as it's downloading the entire FaFurion client update for our server.
  15. These are screenshots that you've taken in game so fire away! Please no bashing others on what they have posted.
  16. Unstoppable

    l2 store items

    Items in the store that are not working: color title jewelry box enchant dragon shirt tarot card + the npc to use them is not spawned. starter kits, lvl 85, 95 and 99 tribal warrior appearence kit non of the appearence items is working on R110 leviathan gear.
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  21. Quick Note: The prime shop shows Euros because that's just how it is. This is being worked on. Our L2 shop has many little things you can purchase after donating to our server for coins! Think something should be added? Post in our suggestions area on the forums and let us know!
  22. Want to move to our server but don't want to deal with restarting from scratch as a clan? We get that so that is why we are offering Clan transfers! What is a clan transfer? Well it's exactly as it sounds. If you move a clan over (10 or more people) you will retain your clan level, be boosted to at least level 85 and the clan members all get premium for 1 month added to their account! What's the catch? We will want to see at least the majority of those people online at one time, and not from the same IP range. The server you're moving from must be established for longer than 5 months. In most cases, you must choose either 15x or 500x servers. We reserve the right to deny the clan transfer for any reason. How do I go about this? Jump on our discord and in the game discussion, talk to a GM or admin to get the process started and welcome to your new home.
  23. A LOT of this will take some time lol. The L2 store is getting worked on this weekend, as that's for the most part simple fixes. I can't really reply to everything going on because well there is a lot XD
  24. Get a free month of premium access! Read the calendar details for more information:
  25. until
    Premiums for a newly created account. Check this out. To boost your way we are giving 1 month of Premium Access for all new account (April 15 - May 15) So what are you waiting for come and enjoy. See you in the game. How? Just like and share the page group. Put your IGN, tag at least 3 of your friends and put #aethro. Then message us a screenshot for proof. To be eligible for the reward make sure each instruction is followed. Reminder: The event reward is only eligible for 1 character per account.
  26. skills: Non of the spoil skills is working (it was before the fafurion update) Spoil/spoil festival Sweeper/sweeper festival Wild plunder Reverse plunder Iss skills, not doing any dmg at all phantom slasher dancing phantom blade Community store: Codex, can only be used before awakening. Belts, upto R grade. No R95 or R99. Shirts, how to get coin of luck? Talisman, how to get mouse coins? Cloaks, only sells old ones. sell options doesnt work 90% of the time. no bracelets no brooches (maybe add blessed enchant scrolls) l2 store: bunch of items isnt working. other: there currently is no way to get bloody/dark enchantment stones for Dark/bloody, ultimate/transcendent armor non of the quests for brooches is working no way to get jewels for brooches every daily/weekly quest is missing
  27. At our next scheduled reboot which is April 28th, 2019 at 8:00 AM EDT (UTC -4) a few things are changing. Spoil drop rates are now properly at 30x All drop chances have increased across the board. You will get more items for your kill! Donations got some love too. Your buck goes further when buying gold dragons, or enchanting your gear! The internal L2 store will be getting attention this week. A new coin system is to be used and the ways to get said coins will be announced soon. That is all we got for this small update. Nothing damming, but some exciting other things are on the way!
  28. So we are trying this..again! XD You will need the new fafurion client which is located in the downloads area or by going to the link... Some new things have also been added since the patch notes were released so I will be posting those as well - Anton has been changed to properly describe what he does now. XP rewards for high level monsters has been corrected. Clan level can now reach 15 properly. You cannot exploit raid bosses using disabling skills. Fury of Eviscerator has been fixed. Dimensional blessing has been added. XP rewards in certain other areas have been adjusted and fixed based on Fafurion. Adventure Guildsmen spawns have been added where missing. Life stone pack has been added. R110 grade gear has been added. The ability to de-level your character has been added to the Community Board. The ability to send mail has been added to the Community Board. Level 99 or below get free teleports from the Gatekeepers. Mystic Tavern npc's got some serious love. Numerous (and I do mean numerous) behind the scene skill updates were done. The majority were renumbering due to fafurion and also brings a few in line to new base powers. Training Camp has been added for Premium account holders. Balthus Knights can now be created as a Premium account holder. Adena rates are now at 100x rate for the foreseeable future. This will change at some point. Certain areas had ground issues to where npc's would walk on air, through the hills etc. This has been fixed in most instances. Have fun and welcome to Fafurion folks!
  29. Unstoppable

    armor pieces

    Certain armor pieces earned from paulina's equipment sets can't be worn. So far it seems to effect the melee classes and only the sets where the body and legs are made from 1 piece. (nightmare for example A grade). I tried the same armor piece from the gm shop and that one works fine.
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