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Dragon Vale - A place to settle down, or open a shop, or ride bumper boats!

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Aethro is proud to present Dragon Vale, it's beach resort sim! 

Aethro Estates - main advert.jpg

Come join us next to the refreshing pool, with a river that leads right into the ocean, beautiful crashing waves, jet skis to ride around the ocean with and bumper boats! 




We offer 7Seas fishing on our little river, and DFS salt water fishing along with fresh water fishing in our little goose pond next to our pool. 




We also have a community center which has a dance floor, pool, bar, and relaxing chairs for you and your guests to rest on! 


We have a wide variety of land for you to choose from! Our full permission land parcels start at $468L/week or choose from our very inexpensive skyboxes that are 250L/wk for 500 land impact! You also have the option to add sub tenants to both so you can have your friends help grow your land!


Ready to talk? Visit our discord at https://bit.ly/aethro-chat to talk to one of our staff, or message Aethro Resident in world to get in world help from our Estate Managers. Want to see what we have for sale? Visit our website https://www.aethro.net


We look forward to seeing you!

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