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  • Gardening Tweaks

    • Allow players to bonemeal some small flowers to grow taller flowers
    • Change what items grass drops, add more seeds to the mix so that it's easier to start off your pumpkin patch!
    • Stop your players from trampling your crops with multiple modes including to stop players with feather falling from trampling.
    • Make your tree leaves decay faster
    • Grow crops faster by doing a little dance next over them
    • Speed up crop growth by keeping your composter full, over time the composter will use it's contents to help grow surrounding crops
    • Change what items are outputted by composters
    • Right click your crops to take them out of the ground and automatically plant replacements
    • Chop your trees from the bottom and watch the whole tree fall with it!
    • Rejuvenate your dead bushes by right clicking them with a seed and turn them into a fresh, happy sapling.
    • When trees grow they can turn dirt surrounding the tree into grass and grow some flowers!

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