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We have recently been having a lot of stability issues. The cause of this was our host node for the VPS the Lineage 2 systems were on continuously were rebooted. I called them out on it, saying this is unacceptable, they told me it had been handled but obviously it wasn't. The unfortunate part of this was it was during last week where I was fighting a massive tooth infection and was out of town for training due to promotion at work. My time to fix things was extremely limited, and for that I apologize profusely.


Today, I took actions to remedy these situations as I took this weekend off to spend time getting Aethro back to operational and also spend time with my family as I was working 55+ hours last week.

The VPS services we use no longer run our game and login servers. They still hold our website, and our patching services. The website is still on another service which has shown fantastic uptime, the patching service while critical, doesn't need a lot of interaction if it goes down. Just a quick reboot and it's back going. Those two systems remain the same and at their respective locations.

A full dedicated server was purchased in London just for the High Five server. This includes the login and game server at this time.

Monitoring services have been added to the dedicated server.

More than just myself gets notifications of downtime.

More than just myself have the ability to reboot the game server.

Redundancy has been put in place including daily and weekly backups.

This is the current plan that I have done today alone to make sure that we can provide a better service. The minecraft server is on hold until I feel that stability of the H5 server is at it's best, and then I will work on minecraft.


I want to thank @Meatlof and everyone else that continuously let me know of issues and was understanding during this week of why I couldn't just stop and fix it, or contact the hosting service. It was a very rough transition to this new position and with my tooth deciding to make it harder than anything to focus the services here were a distant thought on my mind. And I do want to apologize again. When I brought back Aethro with the L2 servers in mind it was not just to "hope for the best" it was to create a community that EVERYONE can be proud of. And downtime? Does not make anyone proud.


If you have any questions please feel free to jump in our discord and chat. I should be more active now without having to stop and do tests and certifications all week long.
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So after careful consideration with the amount of issues we have been having, we have decided to convert the server to a High Five server. The reason for this was literally the bugs were an issue. We apologize for everyone that had enjoyed our server but welcome you all to try our new High Five server! And during this next month all rates are DOUBLED!


Feature list is as follows:

XP/SP are 500x, Adena 5000x

Deleveling is turned off for when you get killed.

Weight limit is at 500x

Learn all skills automatically

Divine Inspiration is also learned automatically

Class Masters are around the towns to help facilitate class transfers for free!

Life crystals are not necessary for clan skills

Adena is auto looted

Auto potions are enabled. Use .apon or .apoff to get that going!

You can type .hellbound to see the current Hellbound status

Need to change your password? type .password in game

Premium rates are 3 TIMES what they are normally!

When you kill a player you are announced to the entire server.

You also get adena for every player killed in PvP.

Depending on your PvP count you gain titles!

Marriage is a thing in our server!

Trade chat is our global chat

Rent a wyvern and kill from above!

You can enter the hellbound island without doing the quest.

There is probably more but my head isn't thinking of it at this time.

To play you need to download (or have) the High Five Lineage 2 client, and just download our system folder 

Place it in your Lineage 2 folder and you'll be set to run L2.exe and connect!


Thank you for your interest in playing on our servers!
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During our daily reboot on May 29th 2019 at 8am UTC -7, the following change will occur:


PC Cafe points will gain a lot faster based off XP.


Our Premium purchase pricing in the community board is based off rates and current adena in server. We will continue to discuss the amount it costs per day in our discord server based on player input and staff input.
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This is going to be a fun list and updating schedule! The 15x server will be updated today, May 25th 2019 (time not set as of this moment due to other things going on), while the 500x server will see it's updates on May 26th 8am UTC-7 during it's daily reboot. I am still working on subquests for the 15x since they went to hell somewhere in the past update.


Changed some dark items that was requesting bloody stones

Changed daily reset time for attendance rewards. You will also get these after a minute of being logged in not 30 minutes.

Infinity Strike has been changed from being a magic thing. 

Removed Garden of Eva unsuitable doors

Addition of Garden of Eva spawns.

Addition of Garden of Eva teleporter.

Removed SkillCritical effect from Song of Assault (19231).

Addition of Catacomb of Dark Omens spawns.

Removed invalid Ultimate/Transcendent armor set.

A few behind the scene fixes.


15x Specific:

Test Server Helpers are now spawned in Talking Island due to the glitches the quests have been having. You can quickly do a subclass or class transfer via these little cute NPC's.


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Aethro is now hiring volunteers to help keep up with its multiple products, including it's launching of a Ultima Online server. Each department will have different requirements so please take some time to consider each one before you apply. You may apply to multiple positions, if you so choose. The details are as follows:


Community Manager

This person will be responsible for the operations of our social media presence, actively promoting our products, and are in charge of the moderation teams both in discord and forums. They will also assist in acting as a bridge between the development team to make sure critical bugs and issues are responded to.

Knowledge of Twitter and Facebook is required, understanding of zoho social or tweetdeck is a plus along with Invision Power Board and it's promotion tools.


Forum Moderator

This position requires a person to be responsible for overseeing the forums, making sure they are kept within our policies, follow up on reported content, and help keep the flow of conversation going.

Knowledge of Invision Power Board is a plus.


Discord Moderator

This position requires a person to be responsible for overseeing the discord server, making sure all main chat rooms are within our policies, enforcing said policies when necessary and keeping the flow of conversation going.

Knowledge of Discord is required.


Game Master

Game Masters help keep Aethro: Destinies going. They are to help answer pages, promote in game excitement with events, and making sure players are behaving within our respective rules. They directly work with the CM to promote events on our website and social media outlets.

Knowledge of Ultima Online is required, ServUO is a huge plus.


Game Developer

Want to help shape the world? This is the position to do it in! Developers help keep things going in our game, including bug fixes, adding new and fun systems, and even can assist in running events.

Knowledge of Ultima Online and ServUO is a requirement.


If you would like to apply to any of the above positions, please feel free to visit today and fill out an application. Thank you for your interest.
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