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  1. Howdy everyone! As part of our covenant, any changes we do to it will be posted on the website. We wish to be transparent in any and all changes, and as such, I am providing this update which will also be sent to our main group inside Second Life. The change to the covenant is as follows: All references to "Aethro Land group" have been changed to "Aethro group" as we do not utilize the other group for any type of land holdings. That's it. Nothing drastic or life altering 🙂 However, we want to be transparent in any changes no matter how small so I am gi
  2. Starting today, Aethro Estates has expanded to include a new option to it's property listing! You can now rent skyboxes! Unlike our beach properties which give you full control over the land, you are limited in what you can do. For example, you cannot terraform, or change the radio station. It is a cheaper option for those that would just like a slice of home. Our sky boxes also come with the option to control the scene! Just left click on the scene for 1 second and a menu will pop up allowing you to change how it looks! All of our sky box properties are at a low introductory price
  3. Club Dragon is in need for hosts! Requirements : Must be outgoing, ready to spark up a conversation with anyone. Been in world for longer than 30 days. Having Discord is a must. An idea on how to advertise events (facebook, twitter, in world) is helpful. Can keep the conversation going WITHOUT falling back on automated gestures. Not Required but will be a HUGE Plus : Experience. Having a fan base. What do you get? 100% Tips Possibility of earning monthly bonus. How to Apply? Go to this link ->
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