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  • Welcome to Aethro Estates!
    Please read this carefully as this is considered the Terms of Service for using our land. Violation of this covenant may result in up to termination of any rental agreements or bans from Aethro and it's subsidiaries. You also agree to follow the Terms of Service for Second Life, and it's Community Standards.
    If you rent land from us, you become the owner of that land. As such, you are responsible for all activities on your property. Please make sure to ask any questions before purchase.

    Land Rules:
    1. We expect our residents to respect LGBTQ+ residents. If you cannot do not rent from our properties.
    2. Be respectful to your neighbors and understand we are all living here! Lets make the best of it :)
    3. You may resell your land, however you are the responsible party for said land, and as such if you are behind on payment, whoever is on the property will be evicted.
    4. If you wish to use bots on your land, please talk to a manager or submit a ticket via our website.
    5. If you wish to have breedables, please contact us first or submit a ticket.

    Building Codes:
    1. All sky builds must be above 700 meters and no higher than 3,000 meters.
    2. Terraforming is locked to +-10.
    3. No heavy lag scripts. If some are found on your property, they will be removed. If its a continuous problem you are unwilling to address, you may be removed.
    4. Access or Ban lines are allowed!

    Rental Agreement:
    1. Rent is managed via the CasperLet system. As such, your rent is expected on the date specified on your rental system located on the road next to your property.
    2. Purchase of the land means you understand and accept this covenant. Changes can be made to this covenant and will be passed along via our Aethro group, and on our website. Any changes will be with 1 weeks notice.
    3. There is no refunds available.

    4. That's really it! We don't regulate a lot. Any questions please ask in the Aethro group or visit http://www.aethro.net and reach out to us.
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