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  1. Community Manager

    We need something that will help promote our brand, keep the moderators in line, hire new ones as necessary, and report any critical issues to developers be it our Dev Trackers, Apps or Games.
    This is considered a management level position and as such, there will be a detailed interview along with an age requirement of at least 17 years of age. Further, a Non Disclosure Agreement will be required.

    Position: Community Manager

    Number of places: 1

    Applicants: 0


  2. Forum Moderator

    Want to help keep the site under control, and help promote it? Become a forum moderator today!

    Position: Forum moderator

    Number of places: 2

    Applicants: 0


  3. Developer

    Think you got what it takes to be a developer? Join us!

    Position: Destinies Developer

    Number of places: 3

    Applicants: 0


  4. Game Master

    We are looking for Game Masters to help promote stability in the game, follow rules and policies but also insure our players have fun!

    Position: Destinies Game Master

    Number of places: 5

    Applicants: 0