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  • Aethro Estates about to be ready plus free club land!

    Zack Massiel

    aethro estates - dragonvale.png

    After a bit of construction, and trying to find time, Dragon Vale is about ready to open to prospective land owners! What makes us different? We really don't have that many restrictions on what can or cannot be built, our cost is basically $1L/prim (except border/ocean land its $2L/prim), and we aren't some major company that's faceless or the owner has gone off because they have a support team. I'm actively in the world, and have been for almost 15 years, I may work in RL so I'm not available 24/7 but I can be reached ???? and I'm working on getting a team to help operate my business, not run my business for me in SL.


    If you wish to read our Covenant please visit https://www.aethro.net/sl/covenant/ or to see what parcels we have available https://www.aethro.net/sl/rentals/. If you have questions please feel free to send me a message in game (Zack Massiel) or file a support ticket here on the website.


    Oh did I forget to mention we are looking for a club? Oh knew I forgot something in this little post... 


    We are giving away a 6144 sqm plot of land with 1875 prims for a club to utilize! Here are the details:

    Break down -- This land is FREE to a club that wishes to utilize it. If you wish to use it please understand the following requirements:

    • *Events must be held at least twice a week. Three would be ideal. 
    • *Startup time for build etc is one week. If this is too swift of a turn around time, please let us know.
    • *Heavy active scripts are not allowed.
    • *Understanding that a sellers area will be placed on the other side of the walkpath (outside of your parcel).
    • *Teleporting in for this region is set to the main building at 128,128,20. If this is an issue, discuss it with us! ????
    • *We wouldn't object to advertising our land during the radio segments ???? (it's not required).
    • *The parcel will be yours to do with as you please.
    • *Covenant is still needing to be followed (LL ToS is to be respected).

    If you'd like to jump on this, please submit a ticket on the website under Aethro Land Issues with the details of what your club name is, and a bit about your club! I'd like to know what I'm supporting after all ????  or send me a notecard in game (Zack Massiel) and I will respond as soon as I can. I will be making my decision before end of day Wednesday. 

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