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  • Changes to Aethro Estates covenant

    Zack Massiel

    Howdy everyone! 


    As part of our covenant, any changes we do to it will be posted on the website. We wish to be transparent in any and all changes, and as such, I am providing this update which will also be sent to our main group inside Second Life.


    The change to the covenant is as follows:

    • All references to "Aethro Land group" have been changed to "Aethro group" as we do not utilize the other group for any type of land holdings.


    That's it. Nothing drastic or life altering ???? However, we want to be transparent in any changes no matter how small so I am giving this notice as it changes the way the covenant is worded.


    If you have any questions, please feel free to submit a ticket on our website, via our support bot aethro in our offices on dragon vale, or via our discord chat.


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