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  • Club Dragon is hiring DJ's!

    Zack Massiel

    Club Dragon, our soon to be open sky paradise with dragons, is looking for DJ's to fill our time slots! What are the requirements you may ask?


    • Able to take requests.
    • Able to chat and DJ at the same time.
    • Having Discord is a must.
    • Able to voice every now and then during set.
    • Have at least 250 to 300 songs to play. Mixed genre is accepted. No need to own your own stream! We provide that for you ???? 


    What do you get? Well I'm sure that was probably the first question on your mind besides what are the requirements but I like to put it second for whatever reason ???? 

    • Tips are 100% yours. We don't believe in you not getting all your tips. You worked for that money, you deserve that money!
    • Guaranteed pay of 500 lindens per set. You will never walk out of a set with less than 500 lindens.


    Are you interested? Well visit https://www.aethro.net/sl/hiring/records/club-dj/ and click add new record to apply today! You MUST be registered on our website to apply. If you have questions, please feel free to jump in our chat first, which the link is below.


    We look forward to hearing from you! ???? 

    Discord chat: https://bit.ly/aethro-chat



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