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  • Hie! I am the new Marketing Manager for Aethro!

    Sophie Hector

    Hello! I am the new Marketing Manager for Aethro. My name is Sophie Hector ( sophiehector). You can call me Soph, Sophie, soap and whatever you like XD. I basically do a lot of marketing about various businesses since i started SL and thought this was the perfect oppurtunity.

    After an extensive interrogation FROM me to the owners and the staff members and probably overloading them with myself and what i do, i think they basically started chanting my name and wanted me through my sorcery ways ( LOL).

    I look forward to keeping you all updated on here and everywhere in social media. If you see me, i would suggest you RUN... i dont bite, i just keep popping in your heads from time to time to tell what we offer here at Aethro.. Not so bad eh? Hugs and cheers to more encounters.


    (Weird Marketing Manager)



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