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  • September estate update

    Zack Massiel

    Hello everyone! Another summer month down and only a few weeks left and we are having a blast here at Aethro! 🙂


    Woodwryn has opened up as our first Fantasy/Medieval RP Adult region, with SL Colonies to utilize in our town center. You can visit WoodWryn - Aethro to get more details and available properties or you can contact Aethro Resident if you have questions.


    Port of Aethro has opened up, along with our new headquarters! Take time to go visit our headquarters and tell us what you think! Aethro is also there just hanging out if you have questions. We also have two day rental properties available to sail our little ocean or land on the beaches! 


    Our events calendar is also scheduled out for this month showing what live events we have coming up! Take a trip over to September 2021 - Aethro to see what events we have coming up and where. It's one central location for all our events so you will always be in the know!


    Lastly, I have one ask. If you are a current resident, or a former one, please take a moment and write me a note card telling me how we are doing, and how we can improve! 🙂 We cannot grow if we don't know what we are doing right or wrong and I want to hear it all! 🙂 So either send a notecard to me in world, or email zack@aethro.net. Even if you're a current resident, or a former one thank you for joining us on this adventure! 🙂 We are having fun here behind the scenes at Aethro and we hope you are too.



    Zack Massiel


    http://aethro.estate - Main website for Aethro Estate

    Discord: https://aethro.gay/chat



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