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    While I take time to build up the website, and get it populated with information on everything, I'm still taking time to work on Shards of Time and getting it ready to launch. One of the bigger things that I do work on as well is the sounds. I want to make sure it's at least tasteful music not something that's going to make most people want to murder me because their ears started bleeding from it.
    So yep, I'm making sure the music for the first chapter launch is good enough to where people will enjoy it, or be able to give me feedback besides "MY EARS ARE BLEEDING BECAUSE OF YOU". Because ya know... that's not good.
    * Please note: I will be including that in my legal agreements when installing the game. I will not be responsible for any actual bleeding from any part of your body due to my music or game.

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    So while in the welcome post I did put them, I figured hey - I should probably put them in the proper news area! 
    So here it is. First pictures from the game! 

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    Yep. Aethro is back..again and this time, with a clear decision on how I'm going to get this done... honestly! I've gotten a good chunk of the layout for Shards of Time completed, including the story, so getting a release will be much easier than what I aimed to do so many years ago.
    Also, it will be available on steam so there is that  I'm also still working on some of my dev trackers so those that use them will not get lost in the mix. There should be weekly updates (until my baby is born that is) on where I am at with the game, and life in some posts.
    So enjoy!

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