• Paul

    Patch Notes: April 21st, 2019

    By Paul, in Destinies,

    Hello folks! Today (April 21st, 2019) at around 7:30pm PDT (UTC -8) we will be taking the server offline to perform the following updates  -
    New client required - Fafurion client will be required to continue play. You may download it in our downloads area.
    Fixes and updates are as follows -
    Anton has been changed to properly describe what he does now. XP rewards for high level monsters has been corrected. Clan level can now reach 15 properly. You cannot exploit raid bosses using disabling skills. Fury of Eviscerator has been fixed. Dimensional blessing has been added. XP rewards in certain other areas have been adjusted and fixed based on Fafurion. Adventure Guildsmen spawns have been added where missing. Life stone pack has been added. R110 grade gear has been added. The ability to de-level your character has been added to the Community Board. The ability to send mail has been added to the Community Board. Level 99 or below get free teleports from the Gatekeepers. Mystic Tavern npc's got some serious love. Numerous (and I do mean numerous) behind the scene skill updates were done. The majority were renumbering due to fafurion and also brings a few in line to new base powers. Certain areas had ground issues to where npc's would walk on air, through the hills etc. This has been fixed in most instances.  
    Please realize this is not an exhaustive list of everything that was done, however these are the major highlights.

    Today a bunch of the dev trackers got some love. The majority of them should be working a little bit faster, and their landing pages on the main site have been changed to utilize more of the facebook platform for simplistic use and ease of not getting banned on twitter for having numerous accounts.
    There is only two that I have not finished as of this writing which are DCUO and WoW.
    You can visit the landing page at http://www.aethro.net/dev_trackers/ to see all the current dev trackers we have running. You can also visit our discord ( https://discord.gg/xp33yT5 ) and have them all in one server! Thank you for enjoying their use. It makes me smile everytime I see the utilization for the trackers (twitter, facebook or otherwise) and I'm glad that I have provided a service many people use.
    Enjoy the weekend folks as we get closer to that bunny showing up and plopping colored eggs everywhere! 

    We are pleased to welcome Unstoppable to the Aethro team!
    Unstoppable will be one of the L2 Game Masters and be assisting in our players in making sure they have fun and helping them solve their issues. He comes with experience in both running and being a GM on private servers, so his experience is a great asset to be adding to our team.
    With unstoppable joining our L2 GM team, we are no longer taking applications for that position. Thank you to everyone that applied, and if we open up the position again in the future I will relook at applicants at that time.

    I am pleased to welcome our first Game Master for our Lineage 2 server, Retpircs! 
    Retpircs has a very lengthy resume of working with communities to make them better, make the players happy and enforcing policies set by the administration team. I am looking forward to working with him, and I'm sure that he will be an excellent addition to the team.

    From now till April 30th, gain double the XP, SP and Adena when battling the enemies across the land of Aden! Invite your friends for even a bigger boost while in a party! Enjoy the global gatekeeper teleporting you to all the areas needed, buffs accessible without a buffer following you and more! 
    Visit our http://www.aethro.net/destinies/how-to-connect/ page to find out how to get started in our world!