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  1. Unstoppable

    l2 store items

    Items in the store that are not working: color title jewelry box enchant dragon shirt tarot card + the npc to use them is not spawned. starter kits, lvl 85, 95 and 99 tribal warrior appearence kit non of the appearence items is working on R110 leviathan gear.
  2. skills: Non of the spoil skills is working (it was before the fafurion update) Spoil/spoil festival Sweeper/sweeper festival Wild plunder Reverse plunder Iss skills, not doing any dmg at all phantom slasher dancing phantom blade Community store: Codex, can only be used before awakening. Belts, upto R grade. No R95 or R99. Shirts, how to get coin of luck? Talisman, how to get mouse coins? Cloaks, only sells old ones. sell options doesnt work 90% of the time. no bracelets no brooches (maybe add blessed enchant scrolls) l2 store: bunch of items isnt working. other: there currently is no way to get bloody/dark enchantment stones for Dark/bloody, ultimate/transcendent armor non of the quests for brooches is working no way to get jewels for brooches every daily/weekly quest is missing
  3. Unstoppable

    armor pieces

    Certain armor pieces earned from paulina's equipment sets can't be worn. So far it seems to effect the melee classes and only the sets where the body and legs are made from 1 piece. (nightmare for example A grade). I tried the same armor piece from the gm shop and that one works fine.