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  • Aethro Minecraft Server Update: Welcome to 1.21!


    We’re thrilled to announce that our Aethro Minecraft servers have been updated to version 1.21! This update brings a host of new features and improvements, ensuring a richer and more exciting experience for all our players. Here’s everything you need to know about the latest changes:


    What’s New?


    1. Backend Upgrades:

    Our servers now fully support the latest 1.21 update, including all new items and trials. To enjoy these features, make sure you’re using the latest Minecraft client. Using an outdated client might cause instability, so update to avoid any hiccups!


    2. Expanded Launcher Support:

    We’ve opened our doors to other launchers! To accommodate this, we’ve introduced a new authentication method. You’ll need to register the first time you join and log in each subsequent time. This step ensures your account’s security and exclusive use.


    3. Enhanced Stability with Velocity:

    We’ve transitioned from BungeeCord to Velocity for improved server stability. This change means a smoother and more reliable gameplay experience for everyone.


    4. Updated Plugins:

    All plugins have been updated to their latest versions, ensuring full compatibility with the 1.21 update. Enjoy the latest features without any interruptions!


    5. Robust Anti-Cheat Measures:

    A new anti-cheat system has been implemented. Cheating is strictly prohibited, including flying in Ironclad or Dragon’s Den. Play fair, and have fun!


    Dragon’s Den: Launching Soon!

    Get ready, adventurers! Dragon’s Den, our brand-new seasonal server, is opening in the next day or two! Here are the key features:

    Regular Resets: The server will reset every three months, keeping the gameplay fresh and exciting.

    World Border: Exploration is limited to ensure a balanced and competitive environment.

    Seasonal Wipes: Every reset brings new challenges and opportunities. Get ready to start fresh each season!


    Earn Rewards Through Voting

    Voting for our server now earns you 100 coins per vote. Use these coins in our shopkeepers to buy crates or save up for VIP status. Please note, voting is only available on the Ironclad server by doing /vote. Your support through voting helps our community grow stronger!


    Need Help?


    If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to ask in-game or join our Discord community. Our team is always here to help you out!

    Dive into the adventure with Aethro Minecraft 1.21, and experience the magic of our ever-evolving world. See you in-game!

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