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  • Change Log Feb 28th, 2023


    The following was changed in The Forgotten:

    • You can now chop down entire trees by destroying the base block! (Must use an axe)
    • Leaves will now quickly despawn when the tree they're attached to is broken.
    • Turrets are being added to the world! They are being tested, but it will be added to the spawn area for purchase.
    • Multiverse has been added! 
      • We are still working on the creation of portals and what worlds to be connected. There is a portal in Kalismor that leads to a test world that is so far just ice.
    • Pronouns can now be set! They will soon be shown in chat as well. You can type /pronouns to set yours.
    • New food types have been added! Enjoy your hamburger.
    • When you leave your town, there will be 20 seconds of protection to make sure you are not ganked.
    • Geyser has been updated to the latest version for bedrock players.
    • The world now only needs 20% of the players online to sleep. If less than that does not sleep, then night will remain.
      • You will also fully heal when sleeping.


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