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  • Minecraft network update May 23rd 2024


    Exciting news for all Aethro Minecraft players! We are thrilled to announce that all our Minecraft servers have been updated to version 1.20.6. This update introduces armadillos and new wolf variants, adding even more excitement to your adventures.


    But that’s not all! We are also launching a brand-new seasonal survival server, Dragon’s Den. This server will reset every six months, offering players a fresh playground to explore and conquer regularly. For those who prefer continuity, our original survival server, now named Ironclad, will remain available for ongoing adventures.


    Please note, our Vanilla server will retain its name as we do not plan to create another vanilla server.


    Stay tuned for the detailed change log on the updates to Ironclad. We look forward to seeing you in-game and exploring all the new features together!


    Happy mining!


    The Aethro Team

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