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  • The Forgotten update July 3rd: Fireworks and Lasers!


    Today we are doing updates to a lot of systems across Aethro. That includes our minecraft server hehe. Here is the c hange log for the plugins we have updated:


    • Realistic Villagers
      • Fixed issue where the main and whistle GUI ignored the selected inventory size.
    • Villager Market
      • Fixed possible inventory exploit.
      • Added option to enable/disable trade notifications per player shop.
      • Fixed toggle details book bug.
      • Added option to distribute income between shop owner and trusted players.
      • You can no longer dispense shop eggs.
      • Minor bug fixes and improvements.
    • Realistic Seasons
      • Fixed rain/snow sometimes not showing
      • Fixed behind the scenes lag issues.
    • CMILIB (behind the scenes)
      • Fix for issue relating to deprecated sign name usage for material recognition
      • General update for CMIMaterial handling, to streamline categorization of those and remove deprecated information from material definitions
      • Few locale lines got removed which should be located inside CMI and not CMILib plugin
      • Items locale auto downloader added
    • Laser Turrets
      • Basically they're back! Visit the spawn point to purchase them and read our wiki area for details!
    • Auction House
      • We are also working on adding an auction house in as well. This will be linked with our Discord server to help facilitate your purchases and sells!
    • Disasters are coming
      • Our world has been free of disasters like earthquakes, tornados and what not and that is a good thing. However, it looks like our luck has run out! Sinkholes, Earthquakes and more are entering our world! Details about these fun little issues will be coming soon!
    • Daily Rewards are returning!
      • I have been working on a new daily rewards program which should be out next week!

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