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  • The Forgotten update: The Villagers fight back!


    Greetings all! We have updated a few plugins, and also added a major new one.


    Crazy Enchantments was updated to fix a few bugs.

    Better Farming was updated as well to fix a few behind the scene server issues.


    We have also added Realistic Villagers!

    "By interacting with the villagers your reputation will increase. When you reach X reputation, you can give them a wedding ring to get married. Once married, you can procreate, establish the home where the villager will live and even manage their combat targets. Giving gifts is the best way to raise reputation. If you want to divorce a villager, you can do so within the main GUI, but this will reduce a large amount of reputation. To avoid this, you can ask the cleric villager for divorce papers. You can give as a gift a weapon (sword/axe/bow/crossbow) and they'll use it to defend themselves when necessary, the same with armor. This makes raids more entertaining." So get ready to get married, have kids and become the hero of your own village! More details will be added to the Forgotten wiki shortly.


    If you got questions please visit us in chat at https://aro.lat/chat 

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