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    News from around Aethro
    Today, I did some work on the backend and some of the front end things with our discord server and website.
    Discord Changes
    Removed Dev Trackers category. The system was being clunky and with other projects going on, it has been removed for the time being. Removed Gold and Silver subscription tiers. These were just for fun and testing, nothing was actually done with them so just removed it to clean up the channels list. Added in GTAV RP category for the new fiveM server. This includes a new chat room and voice chat. Added GTA Staff system for warnings and reports via discord. Website Changes
    Updated announcement banner showing we are hiring for multiple open positions to prepare for hiring of FiveM staff. Removed snow effect from website. Removed new years effects from website. Added new area for GTA addition, including news articles.  
    We are still hiring and working diligently on our Estates in Second Life, and working on the Forgotten (they are not forgotten!). This includes new expansions in Second Life, starting with our Resort area which will be opening soon, donation system and continued advertisement of our minecraft server, along with preparing for our FiveM launch! If you have any questions or think you can help us out in any of our projects, please visit our hiring area or our chat at https://aethro.net/chat and speak to us! We'd love to hear from you.
    Till next time folks! 🙂

    With this daily restart, we are adding in Portals for players to craft! This allows you to make your own portal network, which does allow animals and vehicles to pass through, to connect regions you just can't get too by train or foot! 
    For details on how it works, you can visit our page about it: Portal system - Aethro 
    See you around the mines!

    Howdy folks! The following has been added to the server:
    Biome Compass
    You can now craft a compass that will point you in the direction of the biome you are looking for! More more randomly hunting around the world to find it, let the compass be your guide!
    The biome compass requires the following items: 
    1 Water Bucket 1 Lava Bucket 1 Dirt 1 Stone 1 Netherrack 1 End Stone 1 Snowball 1 Poppy 1 Compass You may also purchase one at the spawn point for 10 diamonds from the Lead Shop. Once you have it crafted, or purchased, just right click on it, choose the biome you want, and it will find it for you!
    Activity Rewards are coming!
    Daily login rewards are coming! Get some extra Aethro Coins just for logging in and saying hi, maybe some new items, or even expansions for your town! This will be available in the next few days as we work on what you deserve rewards wise, but some are available now!
    TikTok & Twitch rewards
    We are also currently working on twitch and tiktok integrations for more types of rewards! More about this will be forth coming in the next week.


    Feb 15th, 2023 updates

    By Paul, in Minecraft,

    During our nightly reset, the following changes and additions are being done:
    Trading is now more secure! You can securely trade with any player by typing /trade <playername> and it will open a standard secure trading window like other MMO's! No more having to drop things on the ground! Heroes has been updated, to fix some bugs. Towny Menu has been updated  Cheers 🙂 

    We have made the following changes to the server:
    Updated the server files to build 397. Added a plugin to remove the chat reporting notification when logging in. Economy system has been added. You will gain currency when you break blocks or chop wood. You will not gain currency for breaking dirt or stone blocks...can't make it too easy.

    Today a new option was added to the server! Minepacks allows you to carry around a backpack to extend your inventory! All players are allowed to get one, that comes with a default 4 extra rows! Two more extra ones can be purchased (at a later date) in our donation shop, and in world at our vendors.
    To get started use the /backpack command

    Greetings all! At our daily reset, we will be making the following changes:
    Use of the /home, /tp commands now has a 60 second cooldown. You cannot teleport while in combat. When teleporting, you will have 5 seconds of invulnerability to make sure you are not killed before you fully load. Kits will now have their armor auto equip when using /kit command. Silktouch purchasing has been added to main spawn. It costs 500 coins. We are adding more signs and shops to the spawn point to make it easier for new players! When you die, you will get the coordinates of your death chest.  
    If you have any questions/comments, reply to this post or visit us in discord at https://aethro.net/chat

    Tuesday, 1am PDT, during our daily reset the following changes will be completed:
    Behind the scenes updates to server code to lower the amount of spam sent to discord staff areas. Updating Geyser plugin (Bedrock support) to latest edition. If you have any questions or concerns, post on this discussion or in our discord chat.

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