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    Server Update Nov 7th 2023

    By Paul, in Minecraft,

    🏳️‍🌈🎮🌟 Hey everyone! The Forgotten, your favorite LGBTQIA+ owned Minecraft server, is buzzing with excitement today! We've got some fantastic updates rolling out, and we can't wait to share them with you. 🌈✨
    🛠️ Today's updates include:
    1️⃣ Leveled Mobs - Get ready for some epic mob battles!
    2️⃣ CMI - A smoother, more enjoyable gaming experience.
    3️⃣ Lands - Explore new territories and build your empire.
    4️⃣ Skin Restorer - Show off your unique style!
    5️⃣ Upgradeable Hoppers - Collect resources like a pro.
    6️⃣ Crazy Crates - Unbox awesome rewards!
    7️⃣ Extra Storage - Never run out of space again.
    8️⃣ Realistic Villagers - Interact with lifelike NPCs.
    9️⃣ Laser Turrets - They're back and better than ever! Pew pew! 🔫
    🔟 Sky Wars - Engage in thrilling aerial combat!
    🏆 Who won the Lands contest? Find out in our next post, coming up today! 🌍
    Feeling the excitement? Want to join the fun? Don't miss out on The Forgotten's amazing community. 🤩
    🌐 Website: https://theforgotten.lol
    🔗 Discord: https://dsc.gg/aethro
    Come on over and let's make unforgettable memories together! 💖🎉 #MinecraftUpdates #LGBTQIA+Gaming #TheForgottenServer #JoinUsNow

    🎃👻 Calling all Second Life residents! Get ready to unleash your spookiest creativity at Aethro Estates' Annual Halloween Contest! 🕷️🕸️
    Starting on October 1st and running all the way through October 31st, it's time to transform your properties into a spine-chilling Halloween wonderland! 🏡🎃🦇
    🗳️ Voting opens on October 15th and closes on Halloween night, October 31st, so make sure to cast your votes for your favorite Halloween-themed property!
    🏆 Fantastic Prizes Await:
    🥇 First Prize: 5000 Lindens + 2 FREE weeks of rental!
    🥈 Second Prize: 2500 Lindens + 1 FREE week of rental!
    🥉 Third Prize: 1000 Lindens + 1 FREE week of rental!
    Got any questions or need assistance? Don't be afraid to reach out! Send a chat in-world to our dedicated Aethro Resident or connect with us through the Aethro group. We're here to help and make this Halloween unforgettable for all Second Life enthusiasts!
    Let the spooktacular decorating begin! 🌙🦉🕯️ #AethroHalloweenContest #SecondLifeHalloween #SpookyDecorations

    Today we are doing updates to a lot of systems across Aethro. That includes our minecraft server hehe. Here is the c hange log for the plugins we have updated:
    Realistic Villagers Fixed issue where the main and whistle GUI ignored the selected inventory size. Villager Market Fixed possible inventory exploit. Added option to enable/disable trade notifications per player shop. Fixed toggle details book bug. Added option to distribute income between shop owner and trusted players. You can no longer dispense shop eggs. Minor bug fixes and improvements. Realistic Seasons Fixed rain/snow sometimes not showing Fixed behind the scenes lag issues. CMILIB (behind the scenes) Fix for issue relating to deprecated sign name usage for material recognition General update for CMIMaterial handling, to streamline categorization of those and remove deprecated information from material definitions Few locale lines got removed which should be located inside CMI and not CMILib plugin Items locale auto downloader added Laser Turrets Basically they're back! Visit the spawn point to purchase them and read our wiki area for details! Auction House We are also working on adding an auction house in as well. This will be linked with our Discord server to help facilitate your purchases and sells! Disasters are coming Our world has been free of disasters like earthquakes, tornados and what not and that is a good thing. However, it looks like our luck has run out! Sinkholes, Earthquakes and more are entering our world! Details about these fun little issues will be coming soon! Daily Rewards are returning! I have been working on a new daily rewards program which should be out next week!

    So apparently all the updates I did last week I put as June 26th when it was obviously June 22nd.... I'm smart!
    We have added a new tool to the world today a Rotating Wrench! Which allows you to right click (or shift click if it's being weird) almost anything to just rotate it instead of having to break it apart!

    You can craft it using the format above, or you can purchase one at Spawn Village with currency!
    Some other things that were done today was updating a few other systems to make sure they are fully compatible with 1.20x. As well today we are launching a new Desert Biome to help people get started with their digging fun!
    Cheers all! 🙂 

    Okay so as a second update to today, the following things have been added:
    Stargates are now a thing! Just need 10 obsidian to make a portal with a sign in the middle. Directions are located in the wiki.
    Craftbook has also been installed to add new things like gates, bridges, chairs and more. Mostly this was added due to me wanting gates and not having to use pistons. 
    Some back end stuff to help with lag on treasure maps has been enabled.
    Toolstats that show little tidbits of details such as how many players/mobs killed, fish caught etc. 

    Howdy folks! The following was done to the server today:
    Leveled Mobs has been updated with some behind-the-scenes math. (I can't pass pre algebra but you put me to coding and damn skippy I can handle calculus if necessary)
    Villagers will not try to tame pets that are owned by players.
    Towny Menu has been upodated to work with 1.20x. You will be able to type /tm and control your town with an easy to understand menu system!
    That's about it. Cheers everyone! 🙂

    With us going to 1.20 officially, a lot has also been updated. I am looking forward to trying to find some camels! XD
    World Edit has been updated to the latest version. World Guard has been updated to the latest version. Towny has been updated to 99.1.0 Discord link has been updated to the latest version. Crazy Crates has been updated to the latest version. Our sleep plugin has been updated to the latest version. Mob hunting has been added back in. Leveled Mobs has been updated to the latest version. Anti-Chat Reporting plugin has been updated to the latest version. Gardening tweaks has been updated to the latest version. Skin system updated to the latest version. Craftable Saddles has been updated to the latest version. Minepacks has been updated to the latest version. Better Farming has been updated to the latest version. Essentials has been updated to the latest version.

    Hello everyone! The forgotten, Aethros Minecraft server, is still looking for staff! 

    Server Admins:
    Responsible for assisting in the day to day operations of the server. (Does not mean you have to be online every day) Assist players in ban appeals Assist players in glitches Handle player issues. Look into billing issues with purchases from our store. Suggest plugins to be added or removed from our server. Server Moderators:
    Responsible for assisting in ban appeals Assisting players when glitches happen Handle player issues Enforce rules Run scheduled and random events. If you wish to apply, visit The Forgotten - Hiring page - Aethro and put in an application. You can also visit our discord at https://aro.lat/chat and speak to the hiring manager before applying.

    Hello everyone! On Tuesday, June 13th 2023 The Forgotten minecraft server will update to base of 1.20. We will still have the client compatibility available, so you will be able to join even if you don't update, but it's time to get our camels packed and out to the desert for some digging! All major plugins will be updated at that time, so there might be a bit of some patch notes coming, but it should be fun!
    This is just one of those "Hey i'm doing something that will change things so lemme let people know" kind of posts 😛 

    Greetings all! We have updated a few plugins, and also added a major new one.
    Crazy Enchantments was updated to fix a few bugs.
    Better Farming was updated as well to fix a few behind the scene server issues.
    We have also added Realistic Villagers!
    "By interacting with the villagers your reputation will increase. When you reach X reputation, you can give them a wedding ring to get married. Once married, you can procreate, establish the home where the villager will live and even manage their combat targets. Giving gifts is the best way to raise reputation. If you want to divorce a villager, you can do so within the main GUI, but this will reduce a large amount of reputation. To avoid this, you can ask the cleric villager for divorce papers. You can give as a gift a weapon (sword/axe/bow/crossbow) and they'll use it to defend themselves when necessary, the same with armor. This makes raids more entertaining." So get ready to get married, have kids and become the hero of your own village! More details will be added to the Forgotten wiki shortly.
    If you got questions please visit us in chat at https://aro.lat/chat 

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