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    News from around Aethro
    We have restarted the server and added a few updates:
    Lowered the number of people required to sleep to go from night to day.
    Updated Essentials to the latest version which added /renamehome so that you can rename your home locations!
    Not a major update today lol.

    Howdy folks! A few changes have occurred to our server.
    Daily rewards was removed as it was just not working as expected. A new system is being developed as we speak. Behind the scene changes for server optimization McMMO was added to give a more interesting and fun approach to how you play! You can view player stats at The Forgotten - Player Stats - Aethro

    Since it's my birthday, and I like sharing my birthday with people, we are doing TWO sales in the Estates!
    First off is a Fire sale on two properties! These properties are 25% off for the entire length of your rental! Images are below of the properties on Dragon Vale. You can view the entire roster of our properties at https://aro.lat/sl-properties and get taxi's from there as well. 
    Second, ALL properties are now rent 1 week, get the second week free! This sale will last until the end of the month so enjoy these savings! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in our Discord https://aro.lat/chat or send an in world message to aethro resident to open a ticket!
    Thank you for being with us here at Aethro! 🙂


    Update May 9th, 2023

    By Paul, in Minecraft,

    Hello all! 
    The following was changed on The Forgotten:
    The /back command has been added to all players to return to the point they died at! Making it much easier to get your stuff back. Added the following pets: Rabbit Salmon Sheep Silverfish Skeleton Skeleton Horse Spider Turtle Villager Vindicator Witch Wolf Zombie Zombie Horse Baby ocelot Baby pig Baby polar bear Baby rabbit Baby sheep Bat Blaze Cat Cave Spider Chicken Cod Cow Creeper Dolphin Donkey Drowned Enderman Endermite Evoker Fox Horse Husk Llama Magma Cube Mule Phantom Pig Pillager Polar Bear  
    Just a few new pets... 😛

    Today we are pleased to announce that we have added two new premium mods to the server! Better Farming allows you to have automated crops, making it much easier to handle some of the tedious tasks related to farming. You can purchase a Crop or Tree farm by doing /farm get crop-farm or /farm get tree-farm Please note they are not cheap, but they are well worth it!
    We also added Advanced Pets which we will be adding zombies soon as a pet to get! You can type /ps to see the available pets.


    Change Log April 19th, 2023

    By Paul, in Minecraft,

    As of this update, we have added Crazy Enhancements! Crazy Enhancements adds 80 different enchantments for you to utilize, giving a new opportunity in crafting and making money! We have also updated the Discord link to the latest edition.


    Change Log April 10th, 2023

    By Paul, in Minecraft,

    Hello everyone! We have updated Towny on The Forgotten!
    You can now claim multiple towny blocks with the /t claim command! /res toggle townborder is a new command to where it will show you the town border, instead of plot borders. Nations that are created will now be able to have a Capital title for the subtitle. Added quite a few bug fixes (as I haven't updated it in a bit lol) We will be updating the rest of our mods in the next few weeks along with updating the server to the latest edition once available. Cheers all 🙂 

    Howdy! It's been a minute, but we have updated and changed a few things on the server to make it more accessible to all! Please note: If you played on here before with java versions, there will be some changes that you will need to get with an admin about. 
    Craftable saddles are now a thing!

    Just f ollow the above and enjoy getting your horse riding on!
    Server now operates in offline mode!
    You may now join the server, with a cracked version or not. We require ALL users to register however when you join. Type /register <somepass> when you connect to get started on your adventure!
    Anti-cheat system updated
    Nothing super spectacular here, just updated the anti-cheat system.
    Skin server is now available! And it helps java players!
    With the server running in offline mode, we had to put in a new skin server to be able to handle java players skin requests! After you register, you can visit https://aethro.net/skin to log in and upload your skin!
    We are also still hiring admins and moderators. Visit Open Positions - Aethro for details.

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