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  • Thank you for considering applying for Aethro! We are a group of people that are about having fun, and providing a good experience in all aspects of our company. We currently have rental properties in second life (Aethro Estates), Minecraft server (The Forgotten) and an upcoming FiveM GTA RP server (AethroM)! Listed below are the positions we are currently hiring. If none are listed, then we are not hiring at this time. 


    If you feel we should be hiring for a specific position, please reach out to Askray on discord at https://aethro.net/chat and we can discuss it. Please be aware, you will be REQUIRED to register on this website and fill out an application. You can register with Google, Twitter, Facebook or Discord. Thank you for considering to join our team!


  • The Forgotten staff openings:

    Server Managers:

    What this position entails and what we are looking for:

    • Someone that has helped manage a Minecraft server in a production environment is a plus, but not required..
    • Helping choose mods and addons that improved the retention of its population, while keeping the idea of minimization.
    • Able to be impartial when dealing with user complaints.
    • Assists in possible billing issues with donations.
    • Handled server-wide events.
    • Assists in handling Helper (below manager) staff.
    • Must be over 16+ years old.

    Server Helper:

    • Willing to keep a cool head on their shoulders when dealing with players.
    • Help assist in running events.
    • Help in suggesting mods and ideas to improve user experience.
    • Answer basic questions in discord or in world.

    If you wish to apply, visit Minecraft - Now Hiring - Aethro and put in an application. If you have questions, please visit our discord.

  • Aethro Estates staff openings:

    None currently.

  • AethroM staff openings:

    Server Administrators:

    • Assist in the day to day operations of the server.
    • Oversee events.
    • Assist in picking out new addons to add fun for our players.
    • Enforce rules and fairness.
    • Help handle any billing issues due to donations.

    Server Mods:

    • Assist in overseeing events.
    • Enforce rules and fairness
    • Answer questions in our discord and in game.

    If you wish to apply, visit Aethro GTAV RP - Now Hiring - Aethro and put in an application! If you have any questions before hand, visit our discord at https://aethro.net/chat and ask to speak to the hiring manager.


    RP Job openings will come in at a later date.

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