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  1. Talking Island Village. I saw some NPC below there might be a missing NPC for quest on-land Shot00003.bmp
  2. Ohh dang sorry but I'm currently away. But as I checked on my attached picture the mini map says general field but i'm not sure if that helps sorry. I will create new toon again and check as soon as I can.
  3. The area with invisible wall is the starting area from halfway of town going outside. Because I wan to hack n slash some mob but this wall thingy. The one with shannon npc i think is isolated tried with 2 characters and both fallen into abbys
  4. There are some areas that seem to have an invisible wall I can't pass through the road going outside. There is no obstacle it's an open road my character is walking forward but not moving like it's being blocked by something.
  5. After I finish my quest with Shannon when I moved my character I fall to the unknown. Shot00001.bmp