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  1. Obviously, I haven't posted in a hot minute, and things have been interesting for all of us to say the least. I had a new baby in November so that took a fair share of my duties, plus I have a full time job, PLUS I just recently got promoted and this small thing called COVID-19 hit and in the retail world it's been a nightmare. So I haven't been able to give anything the proper attention it's needed so let me sum up things that have been going on. Both the ESO and SWTOR Dev Trackers got suspended on Twitter. Normally I'm able to email and get this squared away pretty quickly but, I assume due to COVID, it's taking way longer than usual. So unfortunately I don't know if or when those trackers will be making their way back to twitter. I will push to get them both operational on this website as quickly as humanly possible, but that does take time and with two kids and training, it's very difficult. They are however available on facebook and you are more than welcome to track them via those services. The links to both of them will be posted below this lovely rambling I am doing. They are also available, along with others, on our discord which you are more than welcome to join and chill as well. In the end, As I get my life back to where I'm having just a 50 hour work week and not a 80-100, I plan to do other things and more trackers but right now my biggest concern is getting my two main ones back up and going properly. Thanks for sticking with it! ESO Dev Tracker on Facebook SWTOR Dev Tracker on Facebook Aethro Discord:
  2. So, for the most part everything has been moved over and should be working normally. I say should be because I can't exactly test them all 😛 So lets hope for the best!
  3. Due to situations out of my control (aka my webhosting company I'm with going belly up) there might be some disturbances with the Dev Trackers. I say might because it SHOULD be seamless but this is the internet, so things might go wonky. Thank you for your patience and if you have questions, please feel free to stop by our Discord or tag @aethro on twitter or on Facebook.
  4. Welcome to the new site that is being worked on currently. I apologize for the dust.

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