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  • Dragon Vale changes to Adult Rating.


    🐉 Attention all Dragon Vale enthusiasts and Aethro's Estate adventurers! Hold onto your scales because we've got some fiery news to share! 🔥🏰

    Drumroll, please... 🥁 The winds of change are sweeping through Dragon Vale as Aethro's Estate in Second Life is revising its guidelines to accommodate Adult content! 🌌 But fear not, noble dragon tamers and estate dwellers, for with great change comes great responsibility! 🛡️🐲

    Let's break it down, shall we?

    🚫 First and foremost, let's reinforce our commitment: hate has no home here in Dragon Vale. We're all about fostering a welcoming and inclusive community amidst our majestic lands.

    🌳 Remember, we're nestled right by the enchanting Veilwood, a Mature rated property. So, if you're expanding your estate and brushing shoulders with our neighbors, keep their vibe in mind!

    🎭 Now, onto the thrill of adult-themed entertainment! Embrace the newfound freedom but honor the estate's essence. Let your creativity soar within the property's theme, or take it to the skies, a thousand units high, if you're venturing beyond the theme.

    🐉 Are you bringing in breedables? Hold your dragons—approval is still required before these magnificent creatures make themselves at home!

    🏰 Last but not least, a timeless rule: respect others' property. Whether it's a dragon's hoard or a humble abode, mutual respect is key to our harmonious coexistence.

    🗨️ Have questions bubbling up like dragon fire? Fret not! You've got options: hop onto our Discord channel [https://dsc.gg/aethro], join the in-world chat named 'Aethro,' or dispatch a message to the ever-reliable Aethro Resident.

    The winds of change bring with them an exhilarating adventure! Let's embrace this shift, harness our creative prowess, and dive into a new chapter brimming with endless possibilities! 🌟

    Pack your bags, polish those scales, and get ready for an epic journey through Dragon Vale—where the skies are vast, the dragons soar high, and the adventure never ends! 🐉🏰🌌

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