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  1. I know I have been quiet as of late, and that's because retail work sucks during the holidays lol. So here is my end of the year update to what Aethro has in store for you, and where we stand with things. Dragon Vale Dragon Vale had a slow start, but has expanded due in most part to my fantastic team! With their help and guidance Dragon Vale is now at 16 units sold. Only 8 ground level units remain available. Our Black Friday sale helped increase our number of residents, and hopefully everyone is settling in well without any issues. Currently our sim is a bit snowy, and that w
  2. Zack Massiel

    Trance/EDM night!

    Tonight is dj mix night with trance, edm and more!
  3. Zack Massiel

    Freestyle night

    It's freestyle night at Club Dragon!
  4. Fridays and Sundays at Club Dragon are rock and metal nights!
  5. Aethro needs your help in marketing it's estates, clubs and retail fronts within Second Life! We will be starting pay of 1000L/week with the possibility of higher pay based on performance. Requirements: Knowledge of how to use social media to attract talent and/or customers. Understand how to explain ROI for the possibility of any purchased marketing. Knowledge of Facebook Pages. Knowledge of marketing aspects in Second Life when it comes to estates, clubs and shops. Must be at least 60 days old to apply. Knowledge of Invision software is a plus
  6. Club Dragon, our soon to be open sky paradise with dragons, is looking for DJ's to fill our time slots! What are the requirements you may ask? Able to take requests. Able to chat and DJ at the same time. Having Discord is a must. Able to voice every now and then during set. Have at least 250 to 300 songs to play. Mixed genre is accepted. No need to own your own stream! We provide that for you 🙂 What do you get? Well I'm sure that was probably the first question on your mind besides what are the requirements but I like to put it second for whatev
  7. Halloween is just a little bit over a month away, and Dragon Vale is ready with some spooky visitors! Come visit our beach location dance floor and dance with our bony guests, or take a look at the haunted tree! There are plenty of spooky surprises around the island to explore and there might even be some giveaways during the month of October! Stop on by and take a look today, we promise you won't wind up in our graveyard... Taxi: https://bit.ly/dv-aethro Disclaimer: We don't actually promise you won't wind up in our graveyard. If it happens, we're sorry and hope you enjo
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