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  • The Forgotten server update Nov 21st, 2023


    🌈 Hey fellow block enthusiasts! 🌍

    Guess what? The Forgotten, the most fabulous LGBTQIA+ owned Minecraft server, is lighting up your pixelated world with an UPDATE extravaganza today! 🚀🎮

    🌟 **Check out our updated plugins:**
    - CMI Library 📚
    - CMI (because who doesn't need more commands?) 💻
    - Lands (claim your piece of the rainbow) 🏰
    - Extra Storage (because, admit it, your inventory is a hot mess) 🧳
    - Votifier Plus (because your votes deserve an encore) 🗳️
    - Voting Plugin (make your voice heard in-game) 📢
    - BlueMap (because who wouldn't want to see this magical world from above?) 🗺️
    - Jobs Reborn (because even virtual worlds need a side hustle) 💼
    - Dragon Events are coming (brace yourselves for the pixelated fire and drama) 🐉🔥
    - Better Farming (gotta have those crops on fleek) 🌾🚜
    - Leveled Mobs (because equality even in mob hierarchy) 🤖📊
    - Sleep Most (for the nappers and dreamers among us) 💤

    🎉 **And guess what? We're hiring!** If you're as passionate about Minecraft and rainbows as we are, head over to our Discord and hit up the #support chat to file a ticket for The Forgotten. 🌈

    👾 **Oh, and did we mention dragon events are coming?** Get ready for a mythical experience that'll leave you breathless (literally if the dragon is too close). 🐲💨

    🍂 **As a little bonus treat, have an awesome Thanksgiving!** 🦃🎉

    🔗 **Connect with us:**
    - Website: https://theforgotten.lol 🌍
    - Discord: https://dsc.gg/aethro🎤

    Get your pickaxes and rainbows ready, because The Forgotten is about to take your Minecraft experience to a whole new level! 🌈🚀 #BlockParty #TheForgottenUpdate #MinecraftMagic

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