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  • Minecraft Changelog

    This is the official full change log for the minecraft servers.
    Lobby Server
    • Updated to 1.20.6 version of server software.
    Survival Server (now called Ironclad)
    • Placeholder API: Updated to 1.20.6.
    • Even More Fish: Updated to 1.20.6. Added emf next to show the time of the next competition.
    • System Chat: Updated to 1.20.6.
    • Leveled Mobs: Updated to the latest version. Updated some modifiers to gain more XP and rewards.
    • Lands: Updated to support 1.20.6.
    • Better Farming: Updated to fix spruce saplings being replaced by oak saplings, and updated to support 1.20.6.
    • Upgradeable Hoppers: Updated to 1.20.6.
    • Essentials: Updated to support 1.20.6.
    • SlimeFun: Fully updated to the latest version. An update to our wiki will be included as well to showcase everything you can do with SlimeFun.
    Upcoming Updates
    • We are currently working on our second survival server, which should be up by Saturday.

    Jobs Reborn
    Resolved an issue where player data was not being saved after adjusting their experience (FireML). Fixed a bug preventing player data from being saved after adjusting their level (FireML). Addressed a visual bug that occurred when reaching the maximum job level while VIP access allowed for further progression. Corrected an error with the smithing table not issuing payments. Fixed a malfunction in the mob damage calculator which sometimes caused it to be stuck. Resolved issues with quests not counting performed actions, especially noticeable during rapid block breaking. Fixed missing item lore in the jobs shop interface. Resolved an issue where dynamic payments were not updating bonuses in real time when a player joins or leaves a job. Updates:
    Updated the enchantment recognition system to utilize CMILib instead of an outdated internal library. Centralized %jobname%, %jobfullname%, and %jobdisplayname% variables for flexible use across various contexts where job names are displayed. Added the option to customize job names in the jobs browsing GUI as the item title. Implemented a hard limit for GlobalBlockTimer to be set to 1 or higher, preventing a value of -1 which could exponentially increase database records. ExtraStorage
    Performed dependency cleanup. Crazy Crates
    Implemented backend updates. Acute Loot
    Implemented backend updates. Better Farming
    Added backend updates. Currently developing new items to be grown, including ores! Upgradeable Hoppers
    Modified prioritization to favor smeltables over fuel.

    Extra Storage
    Backend Updates
    - Implemented backend fixes to ensure stability during updates. These changes aim to prevent any potential glitches that could arise when the plugin is updated, ensuring a seamless experience for users.
    New Updates
    - Updated to include several fixes related to the chat interface. These improvements are designed to enhance user interaction and communication through Discord, providing a smoother and more reliable chat experience.
    General Fixes
    - Addressed an issue where permissions were not consistently applied across all servers. This fix ensures that permissions are now properly distributed and recognized on every server, improving the overall management and security of server operations.

    # The Forgotten Minecraft Network Changelog
    ### Network-Wide Updates
    - **Geyser Update**: Upgraded to support the latest Minecraft versions.
    ### Survival Server Updates
    - **Fixes**:
      - Resolved an issue with `/lands create` not responding properly.
      - Addressed a rare teleportation issue where searching for a valid location at the lowest possible Y height (Y:1) failed by one block. Now allows teleportation down to Y:1.
      - Fixed a bug where clicking on homes GUI icon teleported the home's owner instead of the player who clicked it.
      - Corrected elevator usage to properly register the back location.
      - Resolved an error encountered while using the new teleportation method.
    - **Additions**:
      - Added a new argument to `/lands spawn [land] [area]` as suggested. This allows players to teleport to sub-areas of lands.
    ### Realistic Villagers Updates
    - **Fixes**:
      - Fixed visibility of new nametags for invisible villagers on servers below version 1.20.4.
      - Improved handling of NPC metadata.
      - Corrected the rotation of villagers' heads while sleeping.
      - Fixed issues causing the client to freeze when spawning NPCs.
      - Addressed crashes experienced by some modded clients upon NPC spawn.
    ### Better Farming Updates
    - **Fixes**:
      - Fixed the issue with the missing chunk unloaded status item.
    ### Plugin Updates
    - Updated **Crazyenhancements**.
    All updates will be available after the next server restart.

    Lands Plugin Updates: Enhancing Land Management and Integration
    The Lands plugin has received several notable updates aimed at improving land management and user experience. Here's what's new:
    Menu-Based Land Mapping: Following player suggestions, the command /lands map now opens a menu for easier navigation, while /lands map chat will print the current map into chat, preserving functionality from previous versions. Support for CMI's Vanish Feature: Lands now integrates with CMI’s vanish feature, enhancing gameplay for those using both plugins. Current Position Indicator: A new item in the map menu shows the player's current position, making navigation and land management more intuitive. Fixes and Enhancements: Issues such as the BlueMap integration error, errors related to nation deletion, and /lands map errors in worlds with disabled claims have been addressed. Additionally, a new placeholder %lands_nation_name_plain% for PAPI has been added. Improved Search Functionality: Searching lands and nations in /lands list and /nations list has been enhanced, based on player suggestions. CMI Plugin Update: Performance Optimizations and Bug Fixes
    The CMI plugin has seen a series of optimizations and fixes aimed at enhancing server performance and fixing known issues:
    Performance Improvements: Alias command performance has been optimized, along with defragmentation of the maxhp command code. Fixes: Issues with riptide enchants on tridents, teleportation restrictions with the /ride command, and char filtering in private messages have been addressed. Enhancements: The hologram update range has increased to 128 blocks for more efficient displays, and the /cmi kit command now supports a new variable -c for enforcing kit conditions. Crazy Crates Update: Inventory Expansion and Lore Fix
    Crazy Crates has expanded the inventory size to 54 slots and added a new button explaining how to obtain keys, addressing an issue with inconsistent lore descriptions for keys.
    Real Mines Update: New Commands and GUI Improvements
    Real Mines introduces reset commands configurable via the config file, a new mine sorting feature in the GUI, and fixes for block break actions and invalid negative number counts.
    ViaVersion Updates: Compatibility and Bug Fixes
    ViaVersion has implemented sanity checks for item reading across versions, addressed book and tag handling issues, and fixed various bugs related to component conversion, skins, and chunk loading.
    Leveld Mobs and Better Farming Updates: Fixes and New Features
    Leveld Mobs has fixed errors on folia servers, updated methods for enchantments on custom drops, and addressed issues with spawners and configuration typos. Better Farming has added the option to disallow teleportation to farms and improved UpgradeableHoppers integration.

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