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  • We are looking for minecraft staff!

    Zack Massiel

    Hello folks! We are looking for a team to help run a new minecraft server! We are currently in the planning phase of what will be added to the server, and I am open to basically any ideas thrown at us. What we are looking for exactly:

    Server Admins:

    • Someone that has helped manage a minecraft server in a production environment.
    • Helped choose mods, addons that improved the retention of its population.
    • Able to be impartial when dealing with user complaints.
    • Assists in possible billing issues.
    • Handled server wide events.
    • Assists in handling moderator (below admin) staff.
    • Must be over 16+ years old.

    Server Moderators:

    • Good first step into becoming an admin.
    • Has a level head that can handle user complaints and issues while being impartial.
    • Must be over 13+ years old

    Both positions REQUIRE discord. Paid positions are possible after server hosting fees are paid, and depending on involvement. It will not be up for discussion at start. If you would like to apply, visit our applications area at https://www.aethro.net/hiring and fill out an application. If you have questions, please visit our discord at https://bit.ly/aethro-chat and ask for a hiring manager.


    We look forward to hearing from you! 🙂


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