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  • Tranquility Spa @ Aethro Lodge

  • When you feel good, we feel good! The team at Tranquility at Aethro Lodge knows this: The greatest way to gain serenity and happiness is through the service of others.  At Tranquility at Aethro Lodge, our greatest joy is to see all of our clients benefit from the role play massage and skin care we provide. It's why we do what we do! Use of the spa without staff is freely available to all. But, the best experience can be had using our role-play services!

    Role Play Massage and Skin Care

    Let us create peace in you.
    Our goal is to create the optimal “wellness experience” for our guests, leaving their minds cleared and their bodies restored. This is done through exceptional quality of service, a beautiful and comfortable environment, and the most knowledgeable and friendly staff in Second Life. We take people from stress and pain to peace and vitality.  Tranquility at Aethro Lodge is a peaceful retreat featuring natural fragrances, soothing sounds, tranquil hues, and only the most eco-friendly materials. Our belief is that your environment contributes to your health and wellness experience. Feel instantly relaxed, from the moment you walk through our doors. Contact Sania Gem Starchild to schedule your next spa experience to remember!

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