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  • Change Log April 16th 2024


    Jobs Reborn


    • Resolved an issue where player data was not being saved after adjusting their experience (FireML).
    • Fixed a bug preventing player data from being saved after adjusting their level (FireML).
    • Addressed a visual bug that occurred when reaching the maximum job level while VIP access allowed for further progression.
    • Corrected an error with the smithing table not issuing payments.
    • Fixed a malfunction in the mob damage calculator which sometimes caused it to be stuck.
    • Resolved issues with quests not counting performed actions, especially noticeable during rapid block breaking.
    • Fixed missing item lore in the jobs shop interface.
    • Resolved an issue where dynamic payments were not updating bonuses in real time when a player joins or leaves a job.


    • Updated the enchantment recognition system to utilize CMILib instead of an outdated internal library.
    • Centralized %jobname%, %jobfullname%, and %jobdisplayname% variables for flexible use across various contexts where job names are displayed.
    • Added the option to customize job names in the jobs browsing GUI as the item title.
    • Implemented a hard limit for GlobalBlockTimer to be set to 1 or higher, preventing a value of -1 which could exponentially increase database records.



    • Performed dependency cleanup.

    Crazy Crates


    • Implemented backend updates.

    Acute Loot


    • Implemented backend updates.

    Better Farming


    • Added backend updates.
    • Currently developing new items to be grown, including ores!

    Upgradeable Hoppers


    • Modified prioritization to favor smeltables over fuel.

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