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  • Change Log March 26th 2024


    # The Forgotten Minecraft Network Changelog

    ### Network-Wide Updates
    - **Geyser Update**: Upgraded to support the latest Minecraft versions.

    ### Survival Server Updates
    - **Fixes**:
      - Resolved an issue with `/lands create` not responding properly.
      - Addressed a rare teleportation issue where searching for a valid location at the lowest possible Y height (Y:1) failed by one block. Now allows teleportation down to Y:1.
      - Fixed a bug where clicking on homes GUI icon teleported the home's owner instead of the player who clicked it.
      - Corrected elevator usage to properly register the back location.
      - Resolved an error encountered while using the new teleportation method.

    - **Additions**:
      - Added a new argument to `/lands spawn [land] [area]` as suggested. This allows players to teleport to sub-areas of lands.

    ### Realistic Villagers Updates
    - **Fixes**:
      - Fixed visibility of new nametags for invisible villagers on servers below version 1.20.4.
      - Improved handling of NPC metadata.
      - Corrected the rotation of villagers' heads while sleeping.
      - Fixed issues causing the client to freeze when spawning NPCs.
      - Addressed crashes experienced by some modded clients upon NPC spawn.

    ### Better Farming Updates
    - **Fixes**:
      - Fixed the issue with the missing chunk unloaded status item.

    ### Plugin Updates
    - Updated **Crazyenhancements**.

    All updates will be available after the next server restart.


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